Facebook Brings Vaccine Finder Tool for india to Fight Against Covid-19

Facebook is bringing the Vaccine Finder tool, you must know its benefits: A third round of immunizations is being launched across the country today to prevent a second outbreak of coronavirus. The government has already said that everyone above the age of 18 will be vaccinated. For this, the name must be registered through Co-Win and Arogya Bridge app. However, in addition to these two platforms, Facebook will now provide all the information related to the vaccine. A new update is going to be added to the Facebook app this week.

Facebook Brings Vaccine Finder Tool for india to Fight Against Covid-19

Zuckerberg’s company is set to roll out the ‘Vaccine Finder tool’ for Indian users this week. It will support apps on both Android and IOM operating systems. This vaccine finder tool will be available in a total of 18 languages. For this, the social media giant has tied the knot with the Indian government. This tool will help users find the nearest vaccine center, as well as how long the vaccine is being given at a center. For this, the necessary data will be provided to Facebook by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Central Government

Facebook said the tool will have a link to register on the Co-Win website and make an appointment for the vaccine. Also, this tool will show walk-in options (especially for those 48 years of age or older).

Explaining how Facebook will stand by India in this crisis, the company has confirmed a 10 million grant to India. A few days ago, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg also announced this in a post on social media.

In addition, Facebook will partner with a number of NGOs in India to deliver life-saving medical equipment such as medicines, more than 5,000 oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and BiPAP machines. To this end, the company has partnered with United Way, Swasth, Hemkunt Foundation, I Am Gurgaon, Project Mumbai, and the US India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF). Needless to say, Facebook is working as a life-giving medium in this miserable situation.


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