Google Adds New Button to Save image from Gmail to Google Photos

The good news is, images can be saved in the Google Photos app with one click from Gmail: Gmail to Google Photos: Image Save This includes new features and new rules for the platform. For the convenience of the users, new news related to Google Photos and Gmail has come out. According to reports, Gmail is rolling out a new tool that allows users to save images directly to Google Photos without having to download them.

Google Adds New Button to Save image from Gmail to Google Photos

It is known that only the “Save to Photos” button allows users to automatically save an emailed image to Google Photos. The new tool will roll out to personal Gmail users, Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business customers in the next few weeks and will be available alongside the existing “Add to Drive” button. The tool is now only valid for JPEG, not for PNG.

By the way, in the last few weeks, Google has rolled out a few tools for their Photos platform that will help users get rid of all their unwanted and blurry images. This tool will help users to clean up unwanted photos and videos to keep the phone’s storage empty. As a result, users can use the full storage space of the phone as per their need by deleting unwanted photos and large size videos. To use this storage management tool, users need to click on their account icon in the upper right corner of the Library section. Then go to Account Storage and tap on Manage Storage.

In addition, Google said that from June 1, the Google Photos app will no longer provide unlimited free storage for backing up high-quality photos. So, from next month, users will have to spend money to use additional storage in Google Photos. From June 1, users will get only 15 GB of free storage for storing “high quality” photos or videos in this app. However, all the photos and videos that users have previously backed up in the Google Photos app will not be included in the 15 GB limited storage under the new Google Account Storage Rules. As a result, users will have to keep a close eye on their phone’s storage from June 1 onwards.

According to Google, users will need a Google One subscription if they need additional storage. In that case, 100 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB storage will be available at Tk. 130, Tk. 210 and Tk. 650 per month respectively.


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