Google Chrome HTTPS only Mode coming soon for Secure Browsing

Browsing will be more secure, Google Chrome brings HTTPS only mode: Google Chrome is a nameless alternative in the world of web browsing. Countless people use the Internet through this Google browser. Although popular, this browser used to have some security issues. But soon Google Chrome is about to add a feature to its web browser that will make its security several times stronger than before. Google’s new feature is HTTPS-only mode, which will make our connection completely secure while browsing. As a result, the technology community thinks that the security concerns of the users will be removed a lot.

Google Chrome HTTPS only Mode coming soon for Secure Browsing

HTTPS-only Mode is coming to Google Chrome

According to a report published on the 9to5Google website, the HTTPS-only mode will be added to the Google Chrome browser in the next few months. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it takes us to the fully protected version of any website. So the fear of being attacked by various unscrupulous organizations and hackers while using the internet at this moment will be reduced a lot which is really bad news. However, I would like to inform you that HTTPS mode already exists in the Mozilla Firefox browser. As a result, many people use the open-source browser for safe browsing.

Let’s take a brief look at this upcoming feature of Chrome. Connections are often not secure when we use the Internet. This is because different websites do not always provide secure connections to incoming viewers. But if HTTPS-only mode is enabled, websites will be obliged to provide a secure version of themselves to all viewers. As a result, problems with device or data security that used to occur in HTTP mode are now being addressed, the report said.

When browsing in HTTPS-only mode, users will see a warning in the browser before entering any insecure website. In this case, he can easily avoid the site. However, users may ignore browser warnings if they find it useful to visit unsafe websites.

Google is currently experimenting with HTTPS-only mode as a secret toggle. This feature is expected to be released in Google Chrome 93 or 94, which is not expected until at least September.

To enable HTTPS-only mode on their devices, Google Chrome users need to follow the following procedure –

  1. First, go to chrome://flags and search by typing #https-only-mode-setting.
  2. Now you have to activate the setting by toggling.
  3. Users can then activate the Always Use Secure Connections setting by going to Chrome Settings and clicking on the Security and Advanced options, respectively.

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