Google Meet New UI Data Saver and Many More new Upcoming Features

Adding a bunch of new features to Google Meet with Data Saver: Google Meet is already widely used and popular for virtual conversations in pandemic situations. Now the platform is at the top of the list of favorites of most users. Internet search giant Google has announced a major update to its video conferencing platform Google Meet to double the popularity. 

Google Meet New UI Data Saver and Many More new Upcoming Features

The update includes not only a new user interface (revamped user interface) but also a number of essential features. Let us know about them in detail.

New layout, which will be rolled out next month

The main goal of the new user interface is to provide Google Meet users with “more space to view content and others’ video feeds.” Users will get more advanced technology to pin and unpin the content of meetings. This includes making one or more speakers visible to everyone at the same time, highlighting the presentation, and many more features. The company added that it may roll out another new feature in the coming days based on how much feedback they are getting, with the option to resize, reposition or hide a talking user.

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Data saver mode, which is set to launch later this month

As the name implies, this feature will allow Google Meet users with low internet bandwidth to participate in calls using limited data on the mobile network.

Automatic light adjustment, which will launch next week

If users are not clearly visible during the call, Google Meet will soon be able to automatically detect them, and increase the brightness to improve their visibility by cutting out the darkness.

Auto Zoom, which will be rolled out in the next few months (for paid Google Workspace subscribers)

This feature is said to help others see more clearly by zooming in front of your camera and positioning you squarely.

New background, which is coming in the next few weeks

Google Meet will soon allow users to add videos in the background. The company will first add three options – a classroom, a party, and a forest. You have to choose between these.


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