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How to Add New Multiple Users or Authors to Blogger

How to Add New Multiple Users or Authors in Blogger: Are you looking to hand over your blog to an author? Learn How to Add New Users or Authors in Blogger to manage your blog with ease.

How to Add New Multiple Users or Authors to Blogger

In order to provide your visitors with quality content, you must need to hire more bloggers. In this article, we will tell you about How to Add New Multiple Users or Authors to bloggers. These additional authors have the right to post in your blog.

In the beginning, this feature was only in WordPress but later Blogger also introduces this feature to its users to avail of this facility. Blogger user management system allows you to add various authors to just the blog by just sending them a request to their email. Now a blogger can have up to 100 authors or users to his blog.


Here are some benefits to adding multiple authors:

  • Authors would get the same benefits as the admin but won’t have access to the major setting of the blog there can publish posts but can’t delete admin posts.
  • Authors can manage only their own posts.

Although admin will remain the default admin and has the authority to run his whole blog as earlier.


Here is the simple method to add authors to your blog just follow the below steps:

First of all, go to Settings >> Basics >> Blog Authors

Then press the Add Authors button.

Then enter the email of the person you want to invite. And press the invite authors button.

When the person accepts your invitation then he will become the author of your blog by default. You can change it to admin manually.

Important Note

Please proceed with caution! The administration has as much power over your blog as you have. including the ability to permanently delete other admin. Yes If you make someone admin of your blog he can easily delete you from your blog.

So this How you can Add New Multiple Users or Authors to Blogger. With this feature, everyone in your team can help to create different engaging content for your readers to enjoy.


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