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How to delete All data from Microsoft account

How do I delete data from my Microsoft account? In this age of information technology, more or less all of us open accounts on the websites of different companies, such as Microsoft account, Facebook account, Gmail account, etc. 

How to delete All data from Microsoft account

We save a lot of personal data in these accounts. So today we will learn how to delete our saved data from our Microsoft account.

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How do I delete data from my Microsoft account?

  • Go to Microsoft’s online privacy tool.
  • Log in to your Microsoft account.
  • Click on Overview (this is the default section the page loads to).
  • Select a specific section such as View and Clear Browsing History or View and Clear Voice Activity.
  • Select Clear on a specific item to delete it.
What are you wondering? No wonder, in fact, it is possible. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has recently come into force. Several large companies, including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, have made major changes to their privacy policies. This allows users to view their collected data year after year and delete data from their servers if they wish.

Data Location at Microsoft 

The Microsoft account where your valuable data is stored is in the Privacy Dashboard. Now the question is where do you find the Privacy Dashboard? It’s very simple if your PC is in Windows 10 – you have to go to settings from the start button, then go to search and you will find the privacy dashboard. 
To do this you need to have a net connection on your PC. Clicking on the Privacy Dashboard will ask for the username and password directly on the Microsoft account’s server. If you sign in by entering the username and password, you will get the desired data in the Activity History of the Privacy Dashboard.

How do I delete data from my Microsoft account?

You can delete data that you do not want to share with Microsoft. So let’s not delay, let’s see how to delete data from a Microsoft account.

Types of Microsoft account data 

The data stored in the Activity History of the Microsoft Account Privacy Dashboard is not located in the same location at once. There are several types of data stored. These are-
  • Browsing History
  • Search History
  • Location Activity
  • Voice Activity
  • Media Activity
  • Apps and Services 
Browsing History: If you browse from Microsoft Edge on your PC, then all the data of what you are browsing is stored with Microsoft company. If you want to view or delete this data you can go to this link to view or delete it. And if you browse using private sessions, no data will be saved in your Microsoft account.
Search History: When you search for something from a Microsoft account, the results are saved in the search history of the Microsoft account. This is basically saved to show better results when you search later. If you want to view or delete the search history, please visit this link in the Privacy Dashboard.
Location Activity: If location sharing is enabled on our Windows device, it collects information about the location around us and saves it to a Microsoft account. 
If you want to know your location and don’t want access to that Microsoft data of location activity, you can delete it from the web page by following this link.
Voice Activity: We often talk or chat online. Again, many speakers give different speeches online. If these words or statements are in your Microsoft account or in a cloud offered by Microsoft, then these voice recordings are saved in the Microsoft account. Then you can view or delete the saved data of voice activity like browsing, location, search history through this link.
Apps and Services: Apps and Services are similar to Browsing History, Search History, Location Activity, Voice Activity. All the data and apps we use through our Microsoft account are saved in our Microsoft account. So in the same way as other data, to view or delete the data of apps and services, you have to go to the Activity History of the Privacy Dashboard.
Finally, we discuss How to delete your data from Microsoft account 5 types of data here. In addition to these 5 types of data, there are Media, Health Activity, Cortana’s Notebook, etc. The data in each activity history is located in the same location and you can view or delete the data in the same way.

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