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How To increase Mobile internet Speed Super Fast Tips and Tricks

Mobile internet too slow? Make these five easy ways super fast: Internet Speed ​​Increase Tips: Lockdown is going on in many states of the country due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. As a result, everyone from home meetings to e-learning or digital shopping is now dependent on the Internet. Again, many are increasingly crowded on social media and OTT or over-the-top platforms due to long stays at home. As a result, if the internet speed is slow, it is not possible to do these things at all. If you are also experiencing this type of problem, don’t worry at all. 

How To increase Mobile internet Speed Super Fast Tips and Tricks

Because today we have come up with some tips, which if followed will increase the internet speed of your mobile at least a little bit.

What to do to increase internet speed?

The mobile Cache must clear:

Clear or delete the Cache files in the mobile at regular intervals to increase the internet speed. This is because if too many cache folders freeze on the mobile, it affects the device performance.

Fix APN settings:

Make sure the APN aka Access Point Network settings is correct. Because, if its settings are wrong, its effect will reduce the internet speed. By the way, you can manually adjust the settings of APN. You can also set the correct APN by calling Customer Care.

Turn off social media apps running in the background:

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use the most data. As a result, they reduce the speed of the Internet. So, you can go to app settings from your mobile settings, disable or turn off the auto-play and auto-download options. Then, go to the browser, enable or turn on data save mode. This time the internet speed of your mobile will increase a lot.

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Turn off auto-update options:

Even if the auto-update option is enabled or on, the internet speed may be reduced. Because, when you turn on the internet, the Google Play app automatically starts downloading updates. As a result, the internet speed decreases due to the fact that a lot of data is consumed for download. So turn off auto-update mode to get high-speed internet.

Change mobile network options:

You can change the network options to increase the speed of mobile internet. To do this, go to Device Settings. There, you will see an option called ‘Network Settings’. Tap on it. Then, tap on the option labeled ‘preferred type of network’. Now select the 4G / LTE option there. How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline Without Internet Connection.


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