How to Turn on Google Maps Speed Limit Warning Feature to Stay Safe

Google Maps will alert you when the car has reached a certain speed, how to activate this feature: With this new feature on Google Maps, alerts can be found on smartphones as soon as the car reaches a certain speed. In this ‘moving world’, there is no human movement without speed. From morning till night, every human being is running while maintaining his speed. Day by day this ‘speed’ has become a big favorite of people. And when it comes to cars, the speed will come up.

    Nowadays, this word has found a place in the highest demand of people even when buying a car. 

    How to Turn on Google Maps Speed Limit Warning Feature to Stay Safe

    The ‘speed’ is the thing that the flying generation does not have the slightest eye for when driving. As a result, Berole often has to face various disasters on the road. Especially on city streets where the same speed has been tied to each street. But no more worries! This time the internet giant ‘Google’ has come forward to solve this problem. ‘Google Map’ will warn you if you are driving at a certain speed.

    The new feature of Google Map will alert you when the speed of the car is high

    The company has announced that this new feature will be added to Google Maps. Alerts can be found on smartphones only when the car is moving at a certain speed. Google Maps will even keep track of every moment on the go.

    In no case will this service match

    Significantly, relying entirely on Google Maps for speed limits while driving would not be wise at all. Because there is no way to deny the big risk to the user in any situation if the speed shows wrong or outdated information. In addition, this feature of Google Maps is limited to a few specific countries and cities. Although the list of these services is being updated daily on behalf of the company.

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    How to turn on this feature on Google Maps

    • First, you need to download the latest version of Google Maps from the Google Play Store.
    • Now go to Google Map and go to Settings by tapping on your profile photo.
    • Then select the Navigation option and scroll, you will see the Driving option there.
    • Now turn on the Speed ​​Limit and Speedometer options and back to the main screen.

    Diameter! Google Map is ready to record your speed limit. But for the first time, ask an acquaintance to check if the speed of the car is the same as the speed shown on Google Maps while driving.


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