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How to use the Explainer Video for your Business?

How to use the Explainer Video for your Business? As you may know, how-to videos are continually increasing in popularity, not only because they are now super easy to create but also because they allow marketers to promote their products, build strong relationships with consumers, and increase conversions. According to the latest statistics, audiovisual content is five times more likely to generate traffic than text. 

How to use the Explainer Video for your Business?

Almost 80% of companies are creating explainer videos to improve their marketing approach without overstretching their piggy banks.

What is an explanatory video?

An explainer video is a short video that helps companies explain complicated concepts or products in a short and attractive way. Several things cannot be missing in a good explanatory video:

  • A good CTA (Call to Action)
  • Keep it short and attractive
  • Focuses on solving problems
  • High-quality content
  • Liable to be shared
  • They match the brand and its audience

However, simply creating explanatory videos is not synonymous with immediate success, even if they are highly engaging and informative. In order to get the best results, you must use these types of videos in the best way. Therefore, in this article, I will explain why to make explainer videos, including where it is best to publish them. Keep reading!

Why are how-to videos so effective?

As you’ll know, if you’ve made it this far, how-to videos are considered one of the best types of content to grab the viewer’s attention in no time.

They are a good way to boost any business. But what exactly are its advantages?

  • Capture the attention of visitors
  • It is very susceptible to being shared
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to create
  • Great sales tool
  • Build relationships with your customers
  • Helps retain information longer
  • You can explain almost anything
  • Improve the SEO of your website
  • Reduce the bounce rate
  • Improve your conversion rate

How to use The Explainer Video

1. Insert videos on your landing page

What a landing page is? It is a web page within your website specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. Well, if you include an explanatory video on one of these pages, you can increase your conversions by 80%. You will seize your customers and influence them to stay on your website. Remember, the more conversions, the better productivity. If you want to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, you can have an introductory video on your website’s home page.

2. Include explanatory videos in your emails

Do you have an email marketing campaign/newsletter running? Includes explanatory videos! An email can do much more than share information. With an amazing email, you can easily redirect your users to your website and convert them into leads. The click-through rate on your emails is also likely to improve. You can also add static images with a “play” button. It is the simplest option and captures the attention of your customers. Companies that use videos in their email marketing campaigns can increase their business traffic by 300%. One trick is to add the word “video” in the subject of your emails. In this way, your visitor’s predisposition will change, who normally do not want to read a large amount of text but do not mind watching a short video.

3. Use explainer videos in your blog posts

Blogs also play a crucial role when it comes to explaining your services or products and capturing the attention of users. The longer a user is on your page, the more likely that user will become a lead. To make your visitors read an article for longer, you can include engaging videos in your content. It will help readers understand the concept and improve your bounce rates. In addition, including videos in your posts will create a better visual effect since it will not look like a mass of text, which can exhaust the reader before starting to read. If you want to introduce complicated concepts, you can introduce explanatory videos to make them very clear to your audience. But make sure that the video you use is relevant and adds value to the content of the text.

4. Play your explainer videos at corporate events

Inspiring people to choose your products or services at a corporate event is not easy. But if you play explanatory videos with subtitles (so that they are understood even if they cannot be heard well), you can teach them how your products or services can help them in their goals. Putting videos of this type at events will help you create an emotional bond with attendees and inspire them to hire you. Don’t forget to include a Call To Action, like asking them to visit your website, which will ensure that they can become leads and potential customers.

5. Use explainer videos as an eLearning tool

As you know, in recent times, eLearning is gaining more importance in the world. Sometimes it isn’t easy to retain a lot of information at one time. However, almost everyone retains information better when viewing it on video than listening to it or just reading it. In this way, you can make tutorials or videos of this style for your users, who will learn much better and retain information for longer than in any other way. Besides, you can also use it in training your own employees. With explanatory videos, you can express your ideas, your company’s internal workings, and any other information that your employees may need simply and attractively.


Are you already convinced? Now it is the time for you to start creating your own explanatory videos! Today, many tools can help you create animated videos for very little cost. How to increase YouTube Videos Views Easily Boost Your Video Free

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