Telegram launches Payments 2.0 and Voice Message Schedule feature New Web Version

  Telegram launches Payments 2.0 and Voice Message Schedule feature with WhatsApp: One of the reasons for the skyrocketing popularity of the instant messaging app Telegram is its attractive features. Like WhatsApp, Pavel Durav (CEO) is constantly adding new features to their platform. Continuing that trend, Telegram has recently come up with an eye-catching new feature for their Android users. 

Telegram launches Payments 2.0 and Voice Message Schedule feature New Web Version

Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats, New Web Versions: In addition to the message schedule, users are getting the option to do voice chat scheduling, along with the updated payment system (Payments 2.0) and many more sophisticated features. So let’s get to know the details of the new features of Telegram without delay.

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Telegram Payments 2.0:

The Telegram messaging app came up with this payment support feature in 2016 to make the financial transaction process easier for their users. However, the company has recently updated this payment support system and named it ‘Payments 2.0’. This new version is designed to allow users to complete money transactions directly from the chat window. “From today, all merchants will be able to receive their credit card payments directly from Telegram Chat,” the company said in a blog post. In that case, the process will be completed by merging eight more third-party financing companies, such as Stripe. ”

It is also known that every time Telegram users buy a product using this feature, some ‘tips’ will be automatically added to their payment support system. In addition, users can use this feature from the web version of the messaging app.

Telegram Voice Chat Schedule:

The messaging platform has also added the facility of voice chat schedule to their feature collection. This feature allows channel and group admins to schedule their voice chats on a specific date and time. According to the Telegram, in this new update, users will see a countdown numbered in various colors above the scheduled chat. In addition, group and channel members will be given an option to receive notifications of this scheduled voice chat.

Telegram Mini Profiles:

Another feature that came with the new update is the Telegram Mini Profile. This feature has been brought in so that users can view the photo and bio of the opposite person’s account directly from the voice chat window without any interruption while chatting. In addition to viewing information on other Telegram accounts, users can change their profile picture and bio with the Mini Profile feature.

Telegram New Web Version:

The Telegram app also brings a new web version for users. In that case, the company said, citing the launch of another telegram web version after 2014, “If there is a chance to use two web versions, why would users be satisfied with one?” Needless to say, both web versions have many other features available, including animated stickers, dark mode, and chat folders.


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