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What is a Backlink? How to Get More Backlinks [Easy Way]

 Are backlinks for SEO? Many people ask such questions. This post has a detailed discussion on how backlinks work and how to create backlinks or why to use backlinks. What is a Backlink? How to Get More Backlinks [Easy Way].

What is a Backlink? How to Get More Backlinks [Easy Way]

Before you know what a backlink is, find out which backlinks play a role in getting a website ranked in search engines like Google or at the top of the SARS results. At the end of the post, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of backlinks have been given.

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What is a Backlink? Details about backlinks

If you want to know what a backlink is, you must first know what a link is. You must know that a link is a way to go from one web page to another. For example, click here to know the 10 best boss-level android tips and tricks. Now if anyone clicks on the blue text, he will know 10 Android tips. Note that a post or link has been created to read the Android Tips post from this post related to backlinks. This is the link. To know more about backlinks, you need to know the types of links first.

Types of Backlink | Want to know the work of backlinks?

To know what a backlink is, you need to know the types of links. So, there are two types of links.

  1. Internal Backlink
  2. External Backlink

Internal Backlink

An internal Backlink is a link to a post or page within a website to another post or page on the same website. For example, the link to the Android tips post that I gave above is another post on this website.

External Backlink

An external Backlink is a link to a post or page of one website with a post or page of another website. For example, click on this link to like icthack’s Facebook page. Note that if you click on that link, you will go to the Facebook site from the site. This is the external Backlink.

What are backlinks? Details about backlinks

External links are called backlinks. I am giving an example to make the issue of backlinks clearer. Visit the website to read various posts on information technology. Notice, you are now reading the post on the ictwap website. But if you click on the ictwap link, you will go to this site from this site. This means that this website gave a backlink to the ictwap website. Now you must understand what is a backlink?

Why take or give backlinks?

Suppose your website links are linked to different websites. This means that those different websites are giving you backlinks. When someone searches Google by typing the name of your website, Google verifies how many backlinks your site has. The more backlinks you have, the more rank (importance in search results) your website will get. The more backlinks your site has, the more important your website will be to Google.

Details about backlinks

Then you must have realized that in order to bring your website to the forefront in search results, you must have more backlinks to your site. However, backlinks are also snatched as a website is ranked. For this, you need to know the types of backlinks.

Types of backlinks

There are usually two types of backlinks.

  1. No-Follow Backlink
  2. Do-Follow Backlink

Details about No-Follow Backlinks

No-follow backlinks are backlinks that contain the HTML rel = “nofollow” attribute. Usually see a backlink – <a href=”</a>

To see another no-follow backlink – <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>

Why use no-follow backlinks?

When you give backlinks to a site, it becomes important to search engines. But if you want the site not to be important to search engines, you can add this HTML rel=”nofollow” attribute to the link. No-follow backlinks go unnoticed by Google search engine bots so no-follow backlinks are of any use in search results. Usually, big sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube give no-follow backlinks to other sites.

Details about Do-Follow backlinks

Do follow backlinks refers to backlinks that do not contain the HTML rel = “nofollow” attribute. If a backlink does not have the rel = ”nofollow” attribute, then by default that backlink is called a Do-Follow Backlink.

To see a do-follow backlink – <a href=””></a>

Why use do-follow backlinks?

If you want the site that you are backlinking from your website to rank higher in Google search, then you will use the Do-Follow backlink. Or if you want your site to rank higher in Google search, then you can add Do Follow backlinks of your site to other websites.

If you want to do internal linking between different pages of your website then you must use a do-follow backlink. This internal backlink also helps to get rank in Google search results.

Why do you need a backlink?

  • Increase site acceptance
  • Show first in Google or other search results or
  • Rank in search engines
  • Increasing the number of visitors to the site, etc.

If there are more backlinks, will they come on 1st page in search ranking?

No. If a website only has more backlinks, that site will not come up in the search engine rankings. In addition to backlinks, there are many other conditions that must be met in order for a site to rank well in search engines, such as-

  • Website loading time should be 5 seconds or less
  • Page size must be 2 MB or less
  • Web pages must be mobile-friendly
  • No page or post can contain copy content
  • No missing link (404 error) can be placed on the site
  • 404 error pages need to be customized
  • Must be rich in metadata and meta description
  • It should be easy for the user to navigate the site
  • Website content must be unique and interactive.

So I hope you have a clear idea of ​​what backlinks are. What are SEO-related or backlinks? If you know or don’t understand any more details about backlinks, please comment. 


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