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What is Fast Charging? Details about Fast-Charging Technology

After waking up all night watching YouTube or playing PUBG, he forgot to charge his mobile and woke up late in the morning – you have to travel to the office in 30 minutes while the charge of the mobile is zero!

What is Fast Charging? Details about Fast-Charging Technology

What happens now? You have to get rid of this problem with fast charging technology. Let’s get to know the A-Z of fast charging technology today!
Fast charging is a type of technology through which the battery can be charged quickly by increasing the current flow in the battery. A high-voltage current is inserted into the battery through fast charging technology. The more watts and amperes a battery supports, the faster the battery can be fully charged through fast charging technology.
The charger that we use in our mobile or tablet, you will see with a little notice, it has written on it, something like 5V-1A. The product of this V (volt) and A (ampere) is the power whose unit is Watt. For example, the power of the 5V-1V charger is 5 * 1 = 5 Watt.

The higher the capacity of the charger, the faster it can be charged.

Before 2013, almost all mobile chargers were 5 volts or less. But in 2013, Qualcomm introduced a 10-volt charger. This is where the journey of fast charging begins. They named this charging Quick Charging. From then on, the competition between different companies started with this technology. The higher the voltage of the charger, the higher the charging capacity. Fast charging chargers of 20 watts or more are available in the current market.

Do all mobiles support fast charging?

No, not all mobiles or tablets support fast charging. Only battery-powered mobile devices specifically supported with fast charging technology support fast charging technology.

What happens if you charge this method on a device that does not support fast charging?

Usually, our mobiles charge the same amount from the charger based on its capacity. If mobile can charge 10 watts and if the charger is able to charge 20 watts, then the mobile will only charge 10 watts.
But in exceptional cases, such fast charging causes the unsupported device to overheat, explode or shock the circuit.
So the technicians advise that when buying a mobile, the mobile charger should be given only with the charger that is given with it. Otherwise, it may be the opposite.
Finally, if you have a fast-charging supported mobile, your days of headaches with mobile charging are over. You can also save time by using this facility. You can also enjoy YouTube at night, if you wake up in the morning and charge your mobile, you will be charged up to 60-70% in just 30-40 minutes !!
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