What is IoT? How does the Internet of Things (IoT) work?

What is IoT? How does the Internet of things (IoT) work?: To know what IoT is, we must first know its full meaning. Let’s find out then, the full form of IoT is: Internet of things. IoT is a network where physical objects, such as household furniture, vehicles for movement, machinery for agricultural work, etc., are connected in a system. 

What is IoT? How does the Internet of Things (IoT) work?

Many of you may already know some information about IoT. Again, many are trying to find out some details. However, I am writing this article for newcomers. So let’s find out some basic facts about IoT.

What is IoT? How does IoT work?

The word IOT was first pronounced in 1999. Besides, research on IoT is going on in different countries of the world. In Bangladesh, however, little is known about this. However, it is expected to be known very soon. Now we will know how this IoT system will work. 

 Let’s clear the matter with an example, let’s say you went to a place, the cell phone in your pocket called your house on the way back. Hello, home? The boss (you) is coming home. Do you know what the house did right then? He told all the furniture kept in the house that the boss was coming to the house. For example chair, table, door, window, etc. Then he opened the window again to keep the room cool. On the other hand; The running fan, lights, ACs also went off. Wondering how these are possible? Yes, everything is possible. 
Then the boss came in front of the gate of the house 20 minutes later. The boss opened the gate and saw someone watering his garden, and after a while, the watering stopped again. The door opened as soon as he stood in front of the door. Upon entering the house, the owner of the house (boss) felt a little cold. Tell me why? The house is also cool because the windows are open. These are not the work of any person. This process is the Internet of Things. This is how IoT works. Which brings a new kind of change in the current technology.

Advantages of IoT: How does the Internet of Things (IoT) work?

IoT is a type of internet-connected network. This network is but a person with a device or not with a device. This network is device to device. 

You are now wondering how one device can talk to another device? Is it not possible? Yes, it is possible with current technology. Let’s clear this up. Feelings / Sense is the first thing you need to do to connect or talk to the device. Again, sensors are needed for sensing. Then communication power is required for connectivity (internet connection). 
Then thirdly, neither you nor I will understand the language of machinery. So an interpreter is needed to understand the language of machinery, now the question may come that what is an interpreter again? An interpreter is a process of translating a language into a language that we can understand. In this case, the interpreter’s job is to help us translate the language of the device into our own language. Again, the software is needed for this. 
 Once this system is complete, one device will be able to connect or talk to another device and they will be able to share different types of data with each other and analyze that data to find meaningful information that we can use for a good cause. For example, we have already done this because the equipment, fans, lights, watering the garden can talk to each other. And this is IoT. Now IoT can be useful to us? IoT helps us in many ways in our daily work. Firstly, smart home, secondly, traffic control, thirdly, health care, also IoT helps us a lot in terms of power save.

Disadvantages of IoT: How does the Internet of Things (IoT) work?

Although we have done a variety of supportive work with the help of IoT devices, this device also has some disadvantages. For example, since the number of technologists in our country is very low, this device may seem very expensive to them. 

That is why we need to try to inform or explain this to everyone as much as possible. On the other hand, all the tools needed to make a device-to-device connection are negligible in our country. Although there is a device called a sensor, its use is limited. 
Speaking of connection again, the activities of this IoT device will be absolutely impossible. Because if 4G network is running in our country and 2G network is not available in some places. This is a big problem in our country. Hopefully, there will be no such problems in the future and we will all put aside all problems and participate in new technology. 
Watch this video to know more about this. I think you all will like that article. Please let me know if you are interested in any more details. Also, if you like my article, don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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