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What is Shared Hosting? Shared Hosting Advantage, and Disadvantage

What is Shared Hosting? Shared Hosting Advantage, and Disadvantage: Web hosting is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Web hosting is a technology where websites are kept.

What is Shared Hosting? Shared Hosting Advantage, and Disadvantage

    Shared Hosting is a very popular hosting service. It is a web hosting service where multiple websites are hosted with a single server. And a server (Processor, RAM, storage, CPU, and bandwidth) – everything is shared among other users.

    The special advantage of shared hosting is that it has all the security and troubleshooting responsibilities on the hosting providers, even depending on the packages and features offered by the hosting providers. Such as :

    • Email
    • Subdomain
    • Database
    • Free Cpanel
    • Free SSL
    • 99.9% uptime
    • Bandwidth
    • Disk space

    Some of the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting are discussed below:

    Benefits of Shared Hosting :

    Affordable: Shared hosting is a great way to build a low-cost website for your business. Shared hosting is very affordable because the cost of web hosting can be shared with other websites on the server and can be hosted on many websites so providers can provide hosting at a very low price. Among the paid hostings, shared hosting is quite popular among the traders as it has ample facilities at the lowest cost. 

    Advantages of use: Shared hosting is very easy to use and does not require any experience. It can be hosted on any type of website. It is best to host small sites, such as sites that typically receive about 20-30 thousand monthly visitors. In addition, shared hosting providers provide their users with a control panel through which they can easily manage the activities of the website. 

    Server Maintenance: Shared Hosting – Users do not have to face any problems related to server maintenance, the hosting provider bears all these responsibilities. Customers also get some technical support from hosting providers.

    Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

    Limited Resources: In large websites where a lot of visitors come and there are many products or services, it is foolish to choose their shared hosting.

    Downtime: Most companies offer shared hosting due to low prices and buyer demand but never specify their limits. For which in most cases the site is down after a while. In addition, if there is a lot of traffic or load on the website, other websites will be down due to this effect, as a result of which visitors will not be able to enter the downed website. Due to this many visitors are lost.

    Unreliable: Shared hosting has certain components that are shared between multiple hosting users, so it is not possible to track who is hosting what type of site. Consequences – These can be easily infected by malware and viruses. And if one site is infected (since they are sharing the same server) the rest of the sites on that server are also infected.

    Above all, after discussing the issues, it is understood that shared hosting has both advantages and disadvantages.

    For which you need to choose a high-quality web hosting service provider to get good quality service and in case of any problems they will protect your site through appropriate measures.


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