World’s first 5G phone case, Huawei 5G phone case This case lets your Huawei Phone to 5G network

Today, Soyealink – a Chinese telecom solutions maker and smart device manufacturer launched a 5G smartphone case for Huawei devices at a price tag of 799 yuan (118USD or 112EUR). This is quite a revolutionary product that will enable 5G network connectivity in 4G Huawei smartphones without native 5G hardware.

World’s first 5G phone case, This case lets your Huawei Phone to 5G network

Huawei 5G phone case comes is a ready-to-go solution for phone users. However, the case maker has suggested bringing more of these for different smartphones.

According to the dimensions, this 5G phone case comes with 52g of weight and 3.2mm of thickness, which is close to a heavy case. To enable 5G, this case uses, an embedded 5G model that brings you better functionality but it’s likely to consume an extra battery of your Huawei device for sure, as it may require power to enable the 5G modem.

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