Zoom Updates Bring Vanishing Pen Annotation Tool Emoji Reaction white Board auto Shape features

Good news for Zoom users, a bunch of new features is being added: Since the launch of ‘Work from Home’ last year due to lockdown across the country, the houses of every person working have become one of their office rooms. Where a year ago we were not familiar with multiple video conferencing apps like Zoom, Teamlink, Google Meet, now they have become our uninterrupted partners in the workplace. All these apps are also constantly adding new features to make their platform more attractive. 

Zoom Updates Bring Vanishing Pen Annotation Tool Emoji Reaction white Board auto Shape features

In that case, the Zoom app did not lag behind! It is learned that Zoom has brought a bunch of new features in their latest update, as well as some programs to fix bug-related issues and improve the app.

The video conferencing platform said in a blog post they made three days ago that this update includes – Vanishing Pen Annotation tool, Emoji reactions, Whiteboard Auto-shapes, more powerful zoom than ever before. Zoom chat), Call history, Voice mail and recording recovery facilities, and zoom room hardware-related solutions. So let’s take a look at these new features of Zoom

Vanishing pen annotation tool

The video conferencing app Zoom recently introduced the ‘Vanishing Pen Annotation Tool’ feature for their video calling. Although this is not a new tool! Previously, users could use this tool to highlight any text or object displayed on their device screen. However, this update feature has been updated. Users no longer have to manually undo or delete the annotations or highlighted parts on the screen, they will disappear automatically after a certain period of time. As a result, users will be able to pay more attention to their video calls. Users can use this feature from both Windows, macOS, and Linux for zoom meetings and zoom video webinars.

Whiteboard auto-shape

The ‘Whiteboard Auto-Shape’ feature has been introduced for the convenience of the users manually or by hand drawing a diagram using the ‘Zoom Mobile App’. This feature will automatically modify the annotations on the table to give the drawn lines or shapes the perfect shape. “This tool will help you create a variety of whiteboard shapes during training meetings or sales webinars.” The claim of the company.

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Emoji reaction

Then comes our favorite ‘Emoji Reaction’ feature, which can be found in the Emoji Library in Zoom. In this update, zoom users will get the option of multiple emojis, they will not even be able to change the color of the emojis. In that case, to access this feature in group video calling, the group admin needs to enable or enable the emoji feature. Otherwise, it should be limited to the old set with 8 emojis.

It is learned that the video conferencing platform Zoom can now be used from the portal TV of social media giant Facebook. For those who don’t know what this portal TV is, let me tell you, this is a device that allows you to make video calls from a big screen like a TV. Click here to learn more about the Zoom software update.


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