Dell Gaming laptop Alienware X15 R2, Alienware X17 R2 launched Specifications and Features

Looking for a gaming laptop? Dell Alienware X15 R2, Dell Alienware X17 R2 appeared. Dell recently launched their two latest gaming laptops Alienware X15 R2 and Alienware X17 R2. The newer laptops come with a 12th generation Intel Core i7 or i9 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU. 

Dell Gaming laptop Alienware X15 R2, Alienware X17 R2 launched Specifications and Features

In addition, they feature Alienware’s Syro-Tech cooling technology and customizable AlienFX lighting features. And, when it comes to displaying features, the names of the devices give a hint of the display size.

    For example, the Alienware X15 laptop has a 15-inch display. And, the X17 R2 comes with a 16-inch display. Above all, parent company Dell claims in a press release that the two new models are Alienware’s most ‘slim’ shaped 15-inch and 16-inch laptops. Let us know in detail about the price, availability, and specification of Dell Alienware X15 R2 and Dell Alienware X17 R2 laptops.

    Dell Alienware X15 R2, Alienware X17 R2 laptops Price

    In India, the Dell Eleanor X15R2 laptop is priced at Rs 2,49,990. And the Alienware X16 and 2 laptops have been launched at Rs 2,99,990. In terms of availability, these two new laptops can be purchased from the company’s official website (, Dell Exclusive Store (DES), and all offline multi-brand outlets.

    Dell Alienware X15 R2 Laptop Specification

    The Dell Eleanor X15R2 will feature a 15-inch display panel with a 360 Hz refresh rate full HD resolution or a quad HD resolution option with a 240 Hz refresh rate. To offer better performance, it uses the 12th generation Intel Core i7H or i9HK processor with Nvidia GeForce RTX3080TI graphics card. It also has LPDDR5 RAM up to 32GB and SSD storage up to 4TB.

    Dell Alienware X17 R2 Laptop Specification

    The Dell Alienware X16R2 laptop, on the other hand, has a 17-inch full HD display with a refresh rate of 360 Hz. The device comes with 16GB V-RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 TI GPU, and a 12th generation Intel CPU. In addition, laptops will have up to 64 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 4TB of SSD for storage.

    Among other features, the Dell Alienware X17 R2 laptop has some special features. As such, it features an ultra-low profile Cherry MX keyboard design. At the same time, users will also get the option to upgrade the laptop’s DDR5 memory at a later time. In addition, a Windows Hello IR camera with a fast facial biometric login facility, AlienFX Stadium lighting, and the company’s first Alienware-branded 240 watt power adapter are present with the X16R2 laptop.


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