Youtube Content Creators with 500 Subscribers can Access Community Post Feature

Have less than 1000 subscribers? YouTube brought great good news: Content Creators will now have access to the YouTube Community with 500 subscribers, YouTube announces. The popularity of tech giant Google’s video-sharing platform YouTube is skyrocketing right now. For people who don’t watch YouTube spend leisure time or get a taste of entertainment even in the midst of heavy work pressure, such people are not found these days. That is why the number of content creators on this platform is increasing day by day. With countless daily viewers and millions of content uploaded, this video streaming platform is constantly rolling out new features in their apps or web versions or bringing exciting news for users. In that case, there is great good news for content creators!

Youtube Content Creators with 500 Subscribers can Access Community Post Feature

YouTube has announced that content creators with just 500 subscribers will now be able to access and create community posts. Previously, access to the YouTube Community required at least 1,000 subscribers. However, starting October 12, 2021, the creator of any YouTube channel with only 500 subscribers will be able to access the YouTube Community.

YouTube said in an official blog post that it could take up to a week for the option to create a community post to appear after a channel has 500 subscribers. In addition, YouTube has promised good news for all channels with less than 500 subscribers. According to the company, YouTube channels with less than 500 subscribers are also working hard to gain access to community posts.

In this context, one of the reasons for reducing the need for subscriber counts is that YouTube is removing the Discussion tab for all channels from October 12, 2021. “Discussion tabs can be accessed from the desktop channel page until October 12, 2021,” the company said.

The new Community tab is designed to replace the Discussion tab. The Community Tab is available on mobile and provides more creative options for creators, including support for images / GIFS, polls and videos. According to the company, the company has already added many new features to provide a great community post experience to the users and in the future, the company will roll out many more new ways so that a large number of creators can use them.


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