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Let’s find out about some cool, fun and useful websites

 There are billions of websites in the internet world. In the meantime, today I will introduce you to some interesting websites. Some websites are very funny and some are very useful. So let’s not exaggerate.

Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier


The website actually belongs to Google. If you provide a link to a file or page on this website, almost all virus scanner software will automatically scan. The website can also detect even phishing sites.

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Windows 93

This is actually a funny website, where you can use Windows 93. Exactly the same as the operating system of that time. And there are some default games of that time.

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Have I Been Pawned

If you enter your email address on this website, they will tell you if your password is being used elsewhere, or how risk-free it is. But I did not like it. How do they know your password if you give your email there?

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Down For Everyone or Just Me

If you can’t access any website, you can test it here. If you enter the website URL here, it will tell you whether the site is down or just your problem?

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Get Human

It seems to be the most useful of the found sites. If you enter the name of a company here, the website will give you all the contact info of the customer service of that company. The site can also provide solutions to some common problems.

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Which Book

This site is mainly for book lovers. But if you want to start reading new books, you can visit this site. There are huge amounts of categories. As you wish, as soon as you set your tests, you will get an accurate book. And the category system is just like Wow. In this way, the category system cannot be explained in writing.

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I didn’t like it much. Because Google can do this. I gave that too. If you just type in this site and search, you will find any kind of high-quality wallpaper or picture. Downloading good-quality pictures from Google is a bit of a hassle though, so you can see it.

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Multiplayer Game

I bet you will love this site! I played a lot of snake games as a child. Once you enter the website, you can start playing this game in multiplayer. Where someone sitting in a corner of the world may be playing the game with you  Let’s find out about some cool, fun, and useful websites.

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This site is for those who like TV series, butt poor like me. There are many TV series for free. You can come and see. A lot of uncommon sites, although many may know. You can download and watch from the site with IDM or you can do streaming if you want.


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