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WhatsApp brings new feature, you will not get any notification from Archived Chats

Another new feature has been added to WhatsApp for the convenience of the users. This new feature in the instant messaging application allows users to permanently mute their archived chats. That is, any new message in the chat archived in the new feature of WhatsApp will not actually appear in the window. You need to manually unarchive them to display them again in your message box. 

The feature was previously made available to iPhone users but is now being rolled out to Android users.

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WhatsApp brings new settings for Archived Chats

WhatsApp said in a blog post, “Starting today, we’re rolling out new settings for archived chats, which will give you better control over your inbox, as well as the opportunity to organize your archive chats folder in a variety of ways.” We’ve heard that users want their archived messages to be in the Archive Chats folder instead of returning to the original chat list when new messages arrive. The new archive chats settings mean that all the messages that have been archived will now be in the archived chats folder, even if a new message arrives it will not return to the original chat list. Now, these chats will be permanently removed unless you manually unarchive the conversation. ”

Until this feature was introduced, users could archive their chats, but each time a new message actually reappeared in the chat window. However, now you will not receive any notification of the new message. Please note that archiving a chat is not deleted or backed up to your SD card.

How you can archive a chat

  • – First, open WhatsApp and go to the chat window, tap and hold the chat you want to hide.
  • – If you hold it, you will see the archive icon at the top.
  • – iPhone users can find the archive option right there by sliding the chat to the left.

How to view archived chats

  • – Go to the top of the chats tab on your Android phone.
  • – Tap the Archive icon.
  • – Here you will also find a number, which will show how many archived individual or group chats contain unread messages.

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