Google Meet Android Users can Blur or Replace Meeting Backgrounds

Use Google Meet? You will get the facility to change the blur or background: Anyone who owns an Android device will now be able to use virtual backgrounds in the Google Meet application. This will help us to avoid the hassle of inappropriate and inconsistent backgrounds during important appointments. In other words, the new feature of Google Meet is going to be a great help to us in working in our own messy house. However, before October last year, a virtual background feature was added to the web version of the application. But this feature has never been rolled out before for Android, which has already started. We expect this feature to be available to iPhone and iPad users very soon.

Google Meet Android Users can Blur or Replace Meeting Backgrounds

The Google Meet app has multiple options for using virtual or artificial background features. Here, in addition to choosing any background selected by Google, we get the option of background blur. In addition to pictures suitable for office work, various scenes of natural beauty and multiple abstract images can be selected from the selected backgrounds. Let’s see how Android users can choose the option of virtual background in the workplace.

Before the video call

  1. First, open the Google Meet app.
  2. Before joining, select the ‘change background’ option under self-view.
  3. Choose or blur the background image as you wish.

During the video call

  1. Tap on the screen after opening the application. As a result, your self-view will appear in front of you.
  2. While in Self-view, tap the change background option and choose the virtual background of your choice or blur.

It doesn’t take much imagination to guess that this latest feature of Google Meet is going to be very effective. No negative aspects of the feature have caught our eye yet. However, the use of artificial backgrounds can cause a slight problem of battery loss.

In addition to the virtual background feature, some new features have been added to the Google Meet app. As such, its user interface (UI) has changed considerably recently. A Bottom Bar has been added to facilitate the selection of necessary options. From here users can easily select meeting codes, microphones, videos, captions, handshakes, screen sharing, and all other toggles. At the bottom right of the interface, all the information related to the collection meeting or meeting can be found. Also, in picture-to-picture mode, the size of the self-view can be changed and there is no complication. Lastly, every member of Google Meet, including the user, will see each other’s presentations during the meeting from now on, which is another necessary advantage.


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