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How To Get Free Traffic Or Visitors To Your Website And Blog

HOW TO GET FREE TRAFFIC OR VISITORS TO YOUR WEBSITE AND BLOG: How to bring traffic to the blog?  Friends, after creating a free website or blog, the most important thing we have to do is ” expect visitors or traffic to the blog “. As I told you earlier, in this article I will tell you some ways or means for a brand new (beginner) in blogging that they will get a free website and blog traffic. So this article, a new blogging blogger (blogger), and a half will come in handy.


Today, every day thousands of people are creating their own free blog using Blogger or WordPress and millions of people are publishing articles on the blog. In this case, 80% of people quit working on the blog after a few days. And in the end, he said in frustration that ” it is not possible to make money from blogs “.

Because they’re doing everything from blogging to article writing. However, they have no idea how to bring visitors or traffic to their blog or how to increase visitors to the blog in the right way.

How To Get Free Traffic Or Visitors To Your Website And Blog

    This is one of the biggest failures in their blogging career. Hey, when I created my first blog, I didn’t even know how important traffic or visitors were to a blog and how to increase the number of visitors to a blog. So, I couldn’t work on my first blog for long.

    But, today you all know about my blog “ ICTHack.Com ” and come to this blog and read my article. And I spent about 1.5 to 2 years learning how to increase the number of visitors to a blog using the right rules or means.

    Now, I know everything and my blog traffic is increasing day by day. At the same time, the amount of income from my blog is increasing.


    In the end, I don’t want you to end up spending 1.5 to 2 years just like me looking for rules to increase traffic to your blog.

    So, I am sharing my 5 years of experience with you one by one and telling you one by one about how to get free visitors or traffic to your new blog or website.


    We work hard day after day to create a blog. And, with even more difficulty than that, I write regular articles in it. Now, if there is no one to read the articles that we are promoting or publishing through blogs on the internet, then what is the point of writing our blog?

    So, every blogger writes an article in his blog with the same purpose. And, that is, “to read his articles so that countless people or people come through different mediums”. Now, the number of people or people hoping for a blog or website through various online media such as “social media”, “search engines” or “paid advertisement” is called “traffic” or “visitors”. So, now maybe you understand what blog traffic is.

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    You see, as I said before, the purpose of writing a blogger’s blog or article is to bring traffic or visitors to the blog. Now the question is, why? Why do we want more traffic or visitors to our blog? Many of you may know the answer.

    Hey, you’re right. The more visitors or traffic comes to a blog, the more chances of earning money.

    This means that even if a minimum of 1000 people come to your blog every day to read your article, using “Google Adsense” and some other means, you can earn a good amount of money.

    So, nowadays this business of blogging has proven to be very profitable. But, the main mantra of this business is “visitors” or “traffic”. The more people who come to your blog, the more your chances of online income will increase. So, in order to make money from your own blog, first, you have to think, ” How to increase traffic to the blog ?”. So, do you understand why traffic and visitors to the blog are important? Hope you understand.


    How and where to get traffic for your blog, but the question is a lot of new bloggers. And, after reading my answer, new bloggers will go one step further in their blogging careers.


    Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are one of the most important ways to get a lot of visitors to our blog or website. Compared to other search engines, you will get 90% organic traffic from Google search.

    Today, about 2500 new people come to my blog every day to read articles. And about 1300 of them hope visitors through Google search.

    This is the best way to get visitors to your blog and all the bloggers are getting thousands of visitors to their blog every day through the Google search engine. Now the question is, how do you get traffic for your blog from the Google search engine? What is the right way?


    Today, most people know how to create internet and online blogs. And, every day new blogs are being created and millions of articles are being published.

    In this case, the competition in the line of blogging has increased a lot and it has become very difficult to easily get free visitors to your blog from Google search.

    So, using a process called search engine optimization, we can get more search traffic to our blog from Google search. I will tell you later.

    First of all, you have to submit your own blog and website to Google. After that Google will show your blog or website in its search results and through which visitors will come to your blog.


    In order to show your website in the Google search engine or to get new visitors through it, first you have to go to your website in the Google search console and register.

    You will need a Google Account or Gmail account to register here.  After submitting your new blog or website to the ” Google search console “, Google will start showing your blog and all related pages in its search results in about two days. You can find out if your blog is being shown in Google search by typing ” domain name ” of your blog.

    Once you have registered your blog with Google through the search console, everything you write in the future will be automatically added to the Google search engine.

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    In the end, you need to write a blank, good and SEO-friendly article on your blog. In this way, in your blog articles, more traffic or visitors will come from Google search by itself.


    Remember, in order to get more traffic from search engines to your website, you have to write articles using ” search engine optimization “. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to get free visitors from Google.


    Hey, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can bring innumerable visitors to your website. Remember, the more social media traffic your blog has, the greater the chances of getting more search traffic from Google search.

    This is a distinct benefit of social media traffic. So in this case, a process called social media marketing can come in handy. Now, what do you need to do to get traffic to your blog from social media? You know what? Don’t know?

    First of all, you need to create a page or channel in the name of your blog on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Now, on your Twitter and Facebook fan page or YouTube channel, you need to share the details of the article written in your blog with the link of the article. Hey, at first you can’t get traffic. But, gradually when the number of likes, followers, or subscribers on your page and channel will increase, then the number of visitors or traffic to the blog will increase from them.

    If you already have a Facebook page or YouTube channel with thousands of likes and subscribers, then you can definitely take advantage of that page or channel.


    Do you know what “guest posting” is? I don’t know. In fact, when we write an article and submit it as a guest on some other blog related to the niche or topic of our blog, that process is called guest posting. Remember, in the submitted article, we must give the link to our blog. Otherwise, posting guests will not benefit us. By guest posting, you can benefit in two ways.

    First, traffic or visitors will come to your blog from the blog in which you write the article through the website link given to your blog.

    Second, when you write articles on other blogs and link to your blog there, a backlink will be created for your website. And, these backlinks are very important to get more traffic from Google search.

    So, posting guests will create backlinks and will also increase the chances of getting more visitors from Google search.

    How to do guest posting?

    In order to post a guest, first, you have to find some blogs which are of very good quality and whose niche, topic or topic is almost the same as your blog.

    Then, you need to email the owner of the blog one by one. In the email, you have to write that “you want to post guests on their blog”.

    Then, if the blog owners allow you to write as a guest on their blog, then you have to write a good article and submit it to them with a link to your blog (URL Link) inside the article.

    Then, when the blog owners publish or promote your article on their blog, direct traffic will come to your blog from their blog through the blog URL link.

    In addition, the quality of your blog backlinks will be created, which will increase the domain authority of your blog in the future and as a result, you will get more organic visitors from Google search.


    Not much through directory submission, but you will get some amount of direct traffic to your blog.

    In this process, you have to submit the URL address of your own blog to some good quality directory websites like ICTHack or

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    In this way, visitors to those directories will come directly to your blog through the link provided by you. If you search on Google, you will find many such directory websites, to which you can add links to your blog.

    Lastly, remember not to add your blog to any directory. Because, if it is a bad or low-quality directory, it can have a bad effect on the traffic expected from Google search. So, only add the name and URL link of your blog to good and high-quality directory websites.


    When you go to another blog and read the article, you must have seen a place called “Write a comment” at the bottom of the article. With this “write a comment”, you can write some comments about the article in that blog article. When submitting a comment, you are also asked to enter the name of your blog or website. So, when you write a comment on another blog, you can promote your blog with the URL address link of your blog.

    In this, you have the opportunity to get traffic or visitors from the website where you have commented through the given link.

    Moreover, through this process, you can create many backlinks for your blog. Asha backlinks from high-quality and good websites and blogs have the potential to increase the number of organic traffic or visitors expected from Google search.


    What is email marketing, I have already told you. But here I am telling you a little about this.

    Email marketing is a process where you can promote your blog or website to thousands of people through email. In this case, you need to use an “email subscription box” on your own blog and create an email list for the blog.

    In this way, whenever your visitors subscribe to that box with their email id, you will receive notifications of all the articles promoted on your blog via email. So, if you have thousands of email subscribers, you can get a good amount of traffic to your blog just by email.

    On your blog, you can use the Google FeedBurner service to create email lists using the email subscription box. I am also using this to create an email list for my blog.


    Lastly, I use the quora website to bring free quality traffic or visitors to my blog.

    Quora is a popular question-answer website where every day, thousands of people ask questions on various topics. Moreover, millions of people come here every day to find answers to various questions.

    And, ordinary people like you and me answer those questions. I mean, in JQ quora, people can answer questions. Now, you too can find quora questions related to articles written in your blog and then answer them. And, when writing the answer to the question, you can add your own “link to the blog article”. In this way, as soon as people on quora read your answer, they will come to your blog through the link of your given blog. As a result, blog traffic or visitors will increase. Many people are using this medium to bring regular traffic to their blogs and websites.

    Remember, the more questions you answer and the more answers you add to your blog article, the more visitors you will have.

    Finally, with quora, you can create quality backlinks. As a result, the hope from Google search will be a good opportunity to increase the amount of traffic.


    I hope you like this, so kindly comment below the post and do share your response. Thanks for reading 🙂


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