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How To Create a Website And Make Money Online

How to Make Money From a Website. How to open a website? The number of people asking this question has been increasing day by day. Until a few years ago, the noise of building this website was limited to English-speaking people. But with the rapid development of technology, people of almost all languages are becoming interested in building this website and earning money from it. Now the number of regional language websites also increasing. And in the competition to make this website, we are not lagging behind and we are moving forward equally.

You will be surprised to know that since the new update of Google Adsense a few days ago, our blogger friend is now earning around $ 1000- $ 2000 and more. So friends, if you also want to make money by creating a blog website, then you must read the whole post. But remember one thing, don’t open your blog today and you will start earning-1000- $2000 from tomorrow. To be a successful blogger, you need to have patience. Be patient and work hard and you will see that at some point you will be able to earn more than you came for.

How To Create a Website And Make Money Online

What’s the latest Google Adsense update? According to the old rules of Google, it was not possible to show any Google Adsense advertising on the blog. But with the new update of Google Adsense, it is now possible. Now all the ads you see on the top right and bottom of my blog are Google Adsense ads. How to get google AdSense approval/


Let everyone know the answer to this question now. And even if you don’t know, everyone has a big idea. Yet once the easy way to find out what is the website?

Suppose you write something about it in your computer’s Notepad and save it as a .txt file. So it will only be your computer that only you can see. And if you want someone else to see that file, then you have to either transfer the file to the pen drive or CD and give it to that person.

But if you upload that file to a specific server then you will have a specific link to that file. E.g. And anyone with this link can read your file. Since your txt file is just a page, uploading it to the server will be called a web page. If you put a few files on a server at the same time, then the whole thing will be called a website.


The most popular of the many types of websites that can be created today.

  1. E-commerce website
  2. Business website
  3. Tools website
  4. Blog website


This type of website is basically made to sell things online. An example of an e-commerce website is


This type of website is created by different businesses for their business details or product details or online booking.


This type of website easily completes a variety of complex tasks. Such as online photo editing websites, website speed testing online.


The blog website is a lot like your diary in which you can write whatever you like. Glops, tips, sayers, etc.

Here we will basically learn how to make this blog website. So let’s find out how to open a website.


To open a website, you must first choose a hosting platform. There are two ways you can get this hosting platform. The first is to spend some money for free. Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Blogging Platform Chosen?

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress


Blogger is a google free hosting platform where you can open your blog website for free. Its server speed is always very fast. It is very easy to open a website here. Here you only need to buy a domain name if you want to open a professional website. You will get top-level domains like-in, .com, .org, .edu within approximately $8-$12 Dollars. These are top-label domains. , .online etc.

And if you are new to blogging now and want to get the idea of ​​blogging first by blogging for free. Then don’t worry, you can start blogging with the Google sub-domain. And Google can also earn money with this Blogspot sub-domain. But you have to work a little harder. Example of a Blogspot sub-domain – And if you want to know how to open a website on Blogspot, click here.


WordPress is used by 30% for hosting almost all types of websites in the world and 80% for blog websites. If you want to open your blog on a website and WordPress then you have to spend up to $15-$120 Dollars per year. The cost of hosting will depend on the plan of your choice.

In fact, the reason I like WordPress so much for blogging is support. More than 50,000 free plugins make your website attractive. SEO means Google helps a lot to rank on the first page. Helps to install many more new systems such as Sign in, Sign Up system. You will be able to do more important things. If you want to know how to open a website in WordPress, click here this link. So now we know in a nutshell how to create a blog website.

Here are things to keep in mind when building a successful blogger.


In the meantime, we have become acquainted with two types of hosting. And if you have a rough idea about blogging. I think if you want to be known as a successful blogger, then start your website in WordPress.

But if you are new to this blogging field then I would say. Get started with Blogger without any worries.

You need to know this before buying a hosting – there are 6 types of hosting but now you need to know three types of hosting. Shared hosting, Managed Hosting, Dedicated server hosting.

  • Shared hosting – In this type of hosting plan, many customers are given hosting from one IP at a time. This is the least expensive hosting. If you buy a hosting plan like this, your website will get more than 50 visitors at a time. Then the loading speed of your website may be reduced. The cost is 2000-3000 rupees per year.
  • Managed Hosting– In this type of hosting plan, one customer is given hosting from one IP. There is not much of a problem with this. But if the number of daily visitors to your website is more than 1000, then this plan is not for you. The cost is 3500-6200 rupees per year.
  • Dedicated server hosting – This type of hosting is very expensive. Big companies use this plan and many government websites and this hosting. In such a plan a whole server is given to the customer for hosting.

So the information that is coming will help you to buy a proper hosting plan. And you can also blog from Blogger if you want.


Friends The most necessary and most important difficult task in the blogging field is choosing Nice. Before you start a blog you need to do a lot of research and decide what you want to start writing about. You write about a single topic on a blog website. And if you really need to keep posting on the blog about any two topics.

Now you may think that it is a good idea to write about what you want. Before you start, do some research. The topic you are trying to write about is whether anyone is searching on Google. And if so, how many people are searching for that topic in a day. And how much competition there is. The best two tools you can use to know all this data.

With these two awesome tools, you can easily find a low competition highly searched keyboard. Friends, take a little time to research the data and select Nice. And remember, when you buy a domain name, you must put down your domain name. For example, if you have selected the keyword Best Phone. Then keep your domain name – Doing so will quickly rank your articles on the first page of Google.


Do good research before writing a post. Find a keyword that is being searched 100-1000 times a month but its competition is “0”. Now write an SEO-optimized post.

There are basically two types of SEO – On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO


On-Page SEO is used when writing posts. It depends on the length of your article, the image, the keyword usage. Try to write a post of more than 2000 words. And try to write a post that will help your visitors completely. And write the post using the neatly arranged heading sub-headings. Enter alt text in the used image. And post every day.


Off-Page SEO is about creating backlinks after uploading your post. Creating backlinks means that according to Google’s algorithm, the more backlinks a post has, the higher the post will be in Google’s search results. But after constant updates of the Google Algorithm. When the Google “Humming Bird” crawler update came out. Since then your rank has started to depend on how many quality backlinks there are in your post.

Almost everyone is now busy making backlinks like comments, forums, directory submissions, etc. But I’m telling you, friend, how many backlinks will you make? Try to get backlinks by posting guests. Although this is a very difficult matter. Still try. And try to get backlinks from the blog related to the subject matter of your blog. You will see that even after having fewer backlinks, you will be able to rank well in Google.

I can write friends, if you can use all the JJs said in a good way, then you will get fruit. But remember, you can’t be a successful blogger overnight. It requires patience, strong willpower, and hard work. Your success depends on you.

Let’s answer the question of how to open a website in a good way. If you like the post, please like it. If you have any questions, please comment. And share with your friends to help them know. Thanks.


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