Whatsapp View Once Feature Goes live Roll Out Finally Media Disappear After View

WhatsApp: Photos or videos will disappear once viewed, View Once Feature Unlocked WhatsApp: After much speculation over the past few months, WhatsApp has finally officially rolled out their much-awaited View Once feature. The View Once feature will primarily apply to media sharing on WhatsApp. In this case, if users send a picture or video to someone, the receiver or recipient will disappear from the chat once they see it, meaning they will not be seen a second time. WhatsApp says that the View Once feature will also pay special attention to users’ privacy. 

Whatsapp View Once Feature Goes live Roll Out Finally Media Disappear After View

This privacy-friendly feature has been seen in beta versions of WhatsApp more than once before it was officially announced by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s View Once feature key

The advantage of the View Once the feature is that if you send a photo or video to someone on WhatsApp using that feature, the recipient will automatically delete the message after viewing it. As a result, the media file will not occupy the storage of the device unnecessarily. In addition, since the messages will not be saved in the gallery, they will be deleted automatically, so it is very safe to send a personal message using this feature. For example, if you forget your home WiFi or office WiFi password, you can instantly send it to someone as View Once Media. Because in that case important things like passwords or ATM PINs will not be stored in the gallery of the phone, so even if your phone is hacked for any reason, you have no reason to worry.

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WhatsApp added that all Views Media is protected by end-to-end encryption, and even WhatsApp will not be able to see a user’s personal messages. They will be clearly marked with a “one-time” icon. As soon as you open the media, the message will be displayed as “opened” so that both the recipient and the sender can know what is happening in the chat. WhatsApp has announced that this feature will be rolled out to all users around the world from this week.

Also, the View Once feature has one more advantage. As a result, unseen or unseen media files will not disappear from our chatbox for up to 14 days. In other words, if you do not open the message, it will be stored in our private chat. However, after 14 days, the unseen message or media file will be automatically deleted from our device. So, if someone forgets to look at the messages sent at that moment, the new feature will give us 14 days to look at them. If you want to send a photo or video to someone through this feature, you have to select View Once Media every time.

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But in this case, let me tell you one thing. With the View Once feature, once a recipient sees a photo, it disappears and there is no chance to see it a second time, but it will exist as long as the screen is on or the image is off, and the recipient can take screenshots if they want, as well as record with another camera. But don’t be aware of sender, screenshot capture or record. So you should always send View Once Media to a trusted person. Encrypted media can be stored on WhatsApp servers for a few weeks after you send it.


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